Your Digital Brain extension

(A Tool for knowledge workers that extends your brain's secondary storage)

DigitalBrainEX is a tool designed for those knowledge workers who use Windows for their daily tasks. An application that packs many tools to make your life easy and work as an extension of your brain.

Developers of this application basically tried to meet their needs to manage daily tasks. Started with a safe and trustable screen capture tool, They kept adding features to make your life easy. We have plans to improve this tool and to make it your intelligent digital brain to stay live in your computer and mobile phone to help you organize your daily life.

This application is developed as a system tray application. Once started, it remains in the tray for easy access. The application is installed in auto start mode by default.

Installation Procedure

  • Download application setup file

  • Install it by starting the DevDiarySetup.msi file

  • After installation, start the application from the start menu (Search for DevDiary if you didn't find it easily)

  • Go to Settings tab and set up the path where you want to store your documents.(We Strongly recommend to use Google Drive mapped path for easy migration to another computer)

Tray Icon to Start application